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From building site analysis to consulting you on where to place your new arena, we ensure we cover all of your arena construction needs. Whether you need drainage design and installation we are equipped to handle the project. We can install traditional sand arenas as well as custom blended footings. We use dust free IGK footings as well as mixing GGT into our high-quality sand. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered from the back yard practice arena to a competition arena. From start to finish, we want to give you the best possible arena that fits your budget.


Equestrian Arena Long Island has over 35 years’ experience in excavation services. We utilize the latest tools and technology in all of our riding arena excavation projects. It is well-known that a properly designed and executed build of a riding arena is critical to the health and performance of your horse. We will consult, test soil and elevation of the ground and measure accurately with laser precision to ensure you will get proper drainage. We will advise you on site selection as well as how much excavation is needed to complete the project correctly.